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Palo Alto County Conservation Staff:
Stephen Pitt, Director

Steve has worked for the Conservation Board for the past 30 years.  His wife, Linda, is a 2nd grade teacher at the Ruthven-Ayrshire school.  Steve and Linda have two children, Leslie and Justin.


Arthur Hampe, Operations Supervisor

Art has worked for the Conservation Board for 11 years.  Hunting and fishing are a favorite.  During the summer, Art enjoys gardening.   

Steve Henderson, Park Ranger

Steve has been with the Conservation Board for the past 13 years.  Steve enjoys hunting, fishing and time with his family.  Steve and wife, Tracey have three boys. 



  Tim Stowell, Roadside Manger

Tim joined the Conservation Board in September of 2005.  Tim enjoys all outdoor sports.  
Miriam Patton, Naturalist

Miriam Patton has worked for the Conservation Board for the past 20 years. 




Mary Barrick, Office Manager

Mary joined the Conservation Board in 2000.  Mary and husband, Denny live near Ruthven.  They both enjoy the outdoors and gardening. 


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