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The Palo Alto County Conservation Board was awarded a Fish Habitat Stamp grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources for the construction of a rock fishing riffle in the West Des Moines River. The riffle will be located in the West Fork Wetlands Wildlife Area. It will be visible, just south of the B-63 river bridge.

1,206 tons of field stone riprap will be placed in a 153 foot wide section of the river. This will have many benefits for aquatic organisms, fish and the fisherman. The scouring action of the increased water velocity will scour a hole below the structure. This will provide additional winter habitat, and spawning habitat. The oxygen levels in the stream will increase in the immediate area and provide better habitat for organisms lower in the food chain. This combination will concentrate fish in the area and provide an excellent area for fishing.

The $ 40,803 Fish Habitat Stamp grant being utilized for this project is generated from a fee built into the cost of each fishing license. A matching portion will be provided by the County Conservation Board.

Construction is underway and should be completed within a few days.

For additional information please contact the Palo Alto Conservation Board at 712-837-4866.

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